Effect Communication Skill

Held on: March 23,2019 Branch: Gulistan-e-Jauhar

Seminar On Effect Communication Skill was held on 23rd March 2019 conduct by Mr. Mubeen & Mr.Azmat (English Language Trainer) both persons discuss Important & Art of Effective Communication Skills

Communication is an art. Develop effective communication skills to improve the outcome of every interaction. As with any skill, they can be learned and developed with practice. An effective communicator has developed the following skills:

  • The skill of active listening
  • The skill of asking questions that helps both parties reach a common understanding
  • The skill of verbal communication to articulate the message to minimize misunderstandings
  • The skill of using non-verbal communication appropriately and being able to respond to non-verbal communication appropriately
  • The skill or paraphrasing and summarising to clarify understanding and ensure both parties are in agreement as to what has been discussed.

Many people forget that listening is a key part of communication. The communication process highlights the importance of listening to ensure that each party understands (this does not mean you have to agree with) the other parties input. Failing to actively listen to means that you are really only understanding your input and the reasons for your input i.e. your perceptions of the situation.

At the end Letter of appreciation issued to both Person.

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