How to Earn Online Money

Arena Multimedia (Lahore Centres) organized a Seminar “How to Earn Online Money” on 8th March, 2019, The Seminar was conducted by Mr. Idress Farooq. (Former Top Fiverr Coach and Mentor at Fiverr.) . He shared his Professional Experiences with participants.

  • What is Freelancing?
  • Why become a Freelancer?
  • How to do Freelancing through Homework Pakistan
  • Overview of Top 5 Freelancing job sites.

The aim of the seminar is to teach the participants what is freelancing via fiverr,Upwork and freelancer online website and how everybody can start a successful freelance career with online freelancing website? The seminar and accumulate gives the opportunity to meet some personalities of the top freelancers from Lahore, hear how they started their freelance career and get some exclusive tips , recommendation & suggestion to be a victorious freelancer.The most positive was the interactive approach of the Speaker that he was involving each person in the seminar and everyone was getting the point he was explaining. More than 30 students attended the seminar.Students gave excellent feedback for such activity.

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