Mango Party

Held on: July 9,2019 Branch: Johar Town Lahore

Arena Multimedia Lahore Centre organized a Mango Party at JOHAR TOWN Campus on “Tuesday “9th July 2019.
It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits “MANGO” with a fun-filled learning opportunity in the form of a Mango Party. The party started with a general conversation about the king of fruits- Mango, followed by rhymes and singing session which the students enjoyed thoroughly.
Trainers briefed the students about its being the king of fruits, not only for its taste and fleshy yellow color but also, for the nutrients it offers like- vitamin-C and vitamin-A. This fibrous fruit boosts our digestive system and prevents from getting heat- stroke. They were also told about the various forms of its consumption such as- mango shake, ice cream, jam, pickle, chutney etc.

The whole johar town campus was decorated in yellow and green balloons and ribbons, in tune with the theme of the party. The students of the Graphics section came dressed in shades of yellow and so did the trainers. No of 25 Students and staff enjoyed wonderful Mango day celebration .it was a great day, full of fun and joy.

Students participated in various activities such as, singing, dancing, playing instruments .it was a memorable moments for the students and the staff members.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the party and will remember it for a long time to come! This might turn out to be the best mango season yet!

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